Mission & Vision


  • Understanding the needs and expectations of our Business Partners within the framework of Global and Regional Market developments, Aschem shall continue to provide new products and services exceeding the expectations of our Business Partners and collaborate with them to support their competitiveness and success in the market.
  • In the strategic petrochemical sector, prioritizing the national interests of our country, to offer more effective, compatible, reliable solutions and high quality new products with our R&D/P&D works and continue advanced high technology investments,
  • To adopt Scientific Research, Quality, and Efficiency as a Philosophy of Life,
  • To improve the technical and ethical competence and loyalty of its human resources continuously with  human-oriented policies,
  • To support Social Responsibility Projects by prioritizing the Environment, Recyclability and Human Health.




By Focusing on the Hi-Tech investments and production of high quality strategic Styrenic Polymers, Aschem’s main visions are;

  • To be a preferred reliable supplier in the Styrenic Polymer markets of Turkey, Europe, Middle East and African Countries,
  • To continue to be a leading company in the production and supply chain of the Styrenic Polymers by investing in advanced petrochemical technologies.