Quality Management System Policy


In line with its policies determined within the framework of Quality Management System, Principles, Vision, Mission, Values and focused on environment and people,

ASCHEM Petrochemical Industry is committed to;

  • Continuously increase the production quality, work efficiency and the performance of company,
  • Continuously improve all of its processes through effective management of risk,
  • Work with zero accident principle in relation to occupational health and safety,
  • Keep all communication channels open in order to share the company objectives and ensure to be understood clearly by our employees.  
  • Use energy in efficient ways, maintain environmental balance and preserve natural resources,
  • Ensure information security and business continuity in all of its activities,             
  • Work with qualified and positive thinking employee who are able to implement company policies and objectives, prone to teamwork and able to implement legislative requirements.
  • Provide fast, error-free and precise service with a process-oriented management system based on measurable objective criteria,
  • Comply with the requirements of national and international legislation,
  • Manage the relations with the stakeholders with transparent and common wisdom,
  • Ensure continuity in customer satisfaction with uninterrupted and sustainable improvements,
  • Cooperate with, support and develop business partners, suppliers and customers in terms of product quality, performance, process conditions, efficiency and new product development.